Gene description for Ranbp2
Gene name RAN binding protein 2
Gene symbol Ranbp2
Other names/aliases A430087B05Rik
Species Mus musculus
 Database cross references - Ranbp2
Vesiclepedia VP_19386
ExoCarta ExoCarta_19386
Entrez Gene 19386
 Ranbp2 identified in extracellular vesicles derived from the following tissue/cell type
Osteoblasts [Matrix vesicles]      More >>> 17096383   
 Experiment description of studies that identified Ranbp2 in extracellular vesicles
Experiment ID372
Identified moleculeprotein
Extracellular vesicle typeMatrix vesicles
Identification method Mass spectrometry
PubMed ID 17096383   
OrganismMus musculus
Experiment descriptionAnalysis of the extracellular matrix vesicle proteome in mineralizing osteoblasts.
AuthorsXiao Z, Camalier CE, Nagashima K, Chan KC, Lucas DA, de la Cruz MJ, Gignac M, Lockett S, Issaq HJ, Veenstra TD, Conrads TP, Beck GR Jr.
Journal name J Cell Physiol
Publication year2007
Sample nameMC3T3-E1
Isolation/purification methods-
Flotation density-
Molecules identified in the studyProtein
Methods used in the studyMass spectrometry