Gene description for PIK3CA
Gene name phosphoinositide-3-kinase, catalytic, alpha polypeptide
Gene symbol PIK3CA
Other names/aliases PI3K
Species Homo sapiens
 Database cross references - PIK3CA
Vesiclepedia VP_5290
ExoCarta ExoCarta_5290
Entrez Gene 5290
HGNC 8975
MIM 171834
 PIK3CA identified in extracellular vesicles derived from the following tissue/cell type
Colorectal cancer cells [Microvesicles]      More >>> 19930720   
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells [Exosomes]      More >>> 21059916   
Urine [Exosomes/Membrane vesicles]      More >>> 22106071   
 Experiment description of studies that identified PIK3CA in extracellular vesicles
Experiment ID303
Identified moleculemrna
Extracellular vesicle typeMicrovesicles
Identification method Microarray [Illumina]
PubMed ID 19930720   
OrganismHomo sapiens
Experiment descriptionColorectal cancer cell-derived microvesicles are enriched in cell cycle-related mRNAs that promote proliferation of endothelial cells
AuthorsHong BS, Cho JH, Kim H, Choi EJ, Rho S, Kim J, Kim JH, Choi DS, Kim YK, Hwang D, Gho YS
Journal name BMC Genomics
Publication year2009
SampleColorectal cancer cells
Sample nameSW480
Isolation/purification methodsDifferential centrifugation
OptiPrep density gradient
Flotation density1.09 g/mL
Molecules identified in the studyProtein
Methods used in the studyWestern blotting
Microarray [Illumina]
Experiment ID125
Identified moleculeprotein
Extracellular vesicle typeExosomes
Identification method Western blotting
PubMed ID 21059916   
OrganismHomo sapiens
Experiment descriptionHuman tumor virus utilizes exosomes for intercellular communication.
AuthorsMeckes DG Jr, Shair KH, Marquitz AR, Kung CP, Edwards RH, Raab-Traub N.
Journal name PNAS
Publication year2010
SampleNasopharyngeal carcinoma cells
Sample nameC666
Isolation/purification methodsDifferential centrifugation
Flotation density-
Molecules identified in the studyProtein
Methods used in the studyWestern blotting
EV-TRACK EV100069: EV-METRIC:22%, 0%
Experiment ID437
Identified moleculeprotein
Extracellular vesicle typeExosomes/Membrane vesicles
Identification method Mass spectrometry
PubMed ID 22106071   
OrganismHomo sapiens
Experiment descriptionProteomic analysis of urine exosomes by multidimensional protein identification technology (MudPIT).
AuthorsWang Z, Hill S, Luther JM, Hachey DL, Schey KL.
Journal name Proteomics
Publication year2012
Sample nameNormal donors-Urine
Isolation/purification methods-
Flotation density-
Molecules identified in the studyProtein
Methods used in the studyMass spectrometry